CNC Riveting Machines

The machines basically consist of a solid frame made of welded steel  and a protective shell  with frames of aluminium sections with polycarbonate panes. The dynamic drive of the coordinate axes via recirculating ball screws, servo motors and motion control unit allows for a high movement speed. Solid C-shaped frames are used to mount the riveting units. Riveting programmes that can be parameterised at will are a distinctive feature of the CNC riveting machine control since 1984. The current CNC control with touchscreen panel, process data acquisition and various interfaces ensures easy machine operation and thus continues Friedrich's fine tradition.  Coordinate axes with X/Y riveting areas from 280x280 mm to 350x500 mm are available as standard equipment. All hydraulically- and pneumatically-operated Friedrich riveting machines and units can be used for the riveting process.

Friedrich CNC riveting machines are available in 6 model ranges:

with indexing table

Rotary indexing tables with 2 or 4 fixed indexing stations and a table ø of 650/900/1200mm are available as standard equipment

with transfer system

Transfer systems and workholding fixtures are manufactured to customer specification and adjusted to customers' needs

with machine table

Low-cost CNC riveting machine without transfer system, particularly suited for big workpieces

used as a module

To enable integration into a special-purpose machine or a transfer line the riveting module can be made available at any configuration level

with 5 axes

To enable the processing of angled or curved components the riveting axis can be swivelled automatically at 2 levels through an angle of ±15°