Friedrich CNC Riveting Machine with 5 axes

When bent or curved components are to be riveted, conventional CNC riveting machines with 3 axes will not be able to reach all riveting points due to the different angles which exist. Friedrich's 5-axis CNC riveting machine with its 2 additional CNC axes makes it possible to process complex components in one clamping operation.   By reducing thus the number of additional sequences of operation, significant cost savings as well as lower labour and tooling costs can be achieved.

- frame of welded steel
- Protective shell  with frames from aluminium sections
- Polycarbonate panes
- coordinate system with linear units and
  recirculating ball screws
- riveting areas 180x280 mm to 350x500 mm
- digital high-speed drive with motion control
- rotary indexing table with 2 or 4 fixed indexing stations
  and braking motor
- indexing table Ø 900/1200 mm standard
- C-shaped frame with 2 CNC axes rotatable
  through ±15°at 2 levels
- riveting unit with 80 mm spindle stroke
- Friedrich CNC control with riveting process monitoring
- various interfaces for data transfer



Special features and advantages:

- angled or curved components can be processed
- minimum distances between rivets can be achieved
- cost reduction due to picking and placing operation in parallel with primary processing time
- high movement speed, up to 400 mm/s
 - high acceleration rate with high positioning accuracy

Sequence of movements