Friedrich CNC riveting machines with stationary machine table

Friedrich CNC riveting machines with stationary machine table were developed to serve as stand-alone workstations in particular for big and heavy workpieces. The machines are of simple design and require only one workholding fixture, which means that clamping and component query devices can be done at low cost.

- steel welded frame
- protective shell with frame from aluminium sections and
  polycarbonate panes for good visibility
- coordinate system with linear units and
  recirculating ball screws
- riveting area up to 500x1600 mm
- digital high-speed servo motor drive with motion control
  and absolute value transducer
- C-shaped frames in different heights and projections
- pneumatically- or hydraulically-operated
  radial point riveting machines can be used
- Friedrich CNC control with riveting process monitoring,
  touchscreen panel featuring Microsoft Windows
- various interfaces for data transfer

Special features and advantages:

- minimum distances between rivets and different rivet heights can be achieved
- processing of several workpieces (several workpieces on workholding fixture) is possible
- high flexibility thanks to short changeover times and a large programme memory
- menu navigation makes programming plain and simple
- high movement speed,  up to 400 mm/s
- high acceleration rate with high positioning accuracy

Special versions on request