Roll-forming machines

Depending on the application, different roll-forming head shapes with fixed or adjustable rolls are used. Roll-forming heads are available with one roll only or with several rolls, although it has to be said that mostly heads with 3 rolls are used. Those pressure rolls may be arranged vertically and horizontally as well as at a determined angle to the vertical axis.


· rugged pedestal design
· meets heavy duty requirements
· reduced vibrations
· low resilience
· quick roll-forming head change
· low power requirements
· high roll-forming performance
· easy handling
· stepless height adjustment
· large clamping surface
· machine start by:
   - two-hand control
   - pedal switch
   - proximity switch
· Various electric controls available

Fields of application:

Roll-forming diameters:              ø7 to ø120 mm

Materials suited for roll-forming: steel, stainless steel, aluminium, pressure die cast
                                               (Al, Zn or brass alloys)


Roll-forming head and roll-forming unit types and sizes:

2 standard sizes exist:

VR2xx with NE2xx (hydraulic feed up to 12 kN, max. stroke 80 mm)

VR5xx with NE5xx (hydraulic feed up to 40 kN, max. stroke 72 mm)


Quality Assurance:

The Friedrich roll-forming units can, of course, be combined with electronic quality assurance systems. To this effect various controls and programmes are available which are based on pressure versus displacement measurements and matched to the special conditions of roll-formed unions.

Roll-forming head versions

Roll-forming head with horizontally-arranged rolls
Scope of application Ø14-35 mm

Rolling heads

Roll-forming head with vertically-arranged rolls
Scope of application Ø 30-110 mm